How to use an Android tablet to annotate whiteboard running on a laptop?

  • I'm trying to do something I assumed was simple, but it's proving tough. I run all of my Whiteboards through myViewBoard on my laptop. This is then displayed on the ViewBoard itself through HDMI, as is probably pretty standard.

    What I want to do is be able to edit my whiteboards using both the board and my Android tablet (not at the exact same time, but in the same lesson). So I could do some work on the board, then be elsewhere in the room and use my tablet to edit it further.

    I've managed to use VCastSender to write OVER the whiteboard, but it doesn't edit the actual whiteboard content itself which is what I want to do.

    Any ideas how I can do this? I essentially want it to work as a wireless graphics tablet, but with the ability to see what I'm doing as well. I could use TeamViewer or something similar, but I was hoping there was a way to do it that I was just missing!


  • @igarland
    Laptop can be written and synchronized on the ViewBoard via HDMI+touch cable or vCastSender's touch feedback function.
    But for other tablet devices it is currently not supported.