Separate 'tabs' for different classes/files/subjects?

  • Hello. My district has just installed viewsonic boards and with it the myviewboard Whiteboard program after using Promethean boards with the activinspire program for years.

    My current issue is that I would like one Whiteboard session to be able to have separate tabs open for each .olf file I have made. It was very convenient while using the ActivInspire program because I could open the program and then have multiple flipcharts open at the same time and switch between them without having to save and exit the current chart that I was on.

    With myviewboard and the whiteboard app, it appears that my only options are

    1. Have every classes files all in one long page stream (not ideal for saving the content/drawings/annotations from one specific class)


    1. Save and exit the current class' whiteboard session and then open the new one that I would need. This is not ideal as I often would switch between flipchart tabs at the top. For example, I would have a prior lesson's flipchart open and go back to it to reiterate a skill that we have already learned and then simply click on the tab for the lesson we were currently working on. Having to save and exit each time is time consuming and clunky.

    Is it possible to look into whether having multiple .olf files open at the same time is an option? I know that myself and several colleagues would find this to be a much needed option when using the this software. Thanks

  • Hi @asobodas-panthernation-net It is so great to receive your feedback.
    I appreciate it.

    I wonder you are using Whiteboard for Windows?
    If so, there is a good news I would like to share to you.
    Currently, we are preparing to have multiple tabs features to satisfy you and all users.
    However, it might take some time to finish it.

    We will announce it when it is ready.
    Stay tuned!

    Product Manager of myViewBoard Whiteboard
    Kaitlyn Peng