• So we have students and teachers that cannot connect to Viewboard using MyDisplay. They can go to the webpage and punch in the codes, but the page will not continue when the hit connect. What could be causing this?

  • @ccollins Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Could you please tell us the following:

    • The browser type and version that you connected to https://myviewboard.com/display/
      Is it Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari? Currently the Display service supports Chrome and Edge only.

    • The version of Display service, you can find it at the lower left corner of screen. For example 1.51.2

    • Could you please provide us the Viewboard model? For example IFP7550-2.

    • Could you please double-check the sender and Viewboard are connected to the Internet?

    • Lastly, could you please force stop the Display on Viewboard, re-launch it and connect again and see if it is back to normal?

    Thank you for the information.