Google Classroom Add-on Integration

  • How do I do this mentioned in the wiki Classroom for teachers

    "Classroom can also connect with Google Classroom, allowing the student list to be transferred directly into the myViewBoard Classroom session. It also allows lesson materials to be posted directly to Google Classroom."

    I don't see this in the Admin Dashboard for Google.

  • @rreynolds-teameureka-net

    Please refer to steps below to use Google classroom with myViewboard classroom

    1. Please go to myViewBoard classroom Settings => cloud integration to bind google classroom with it
    2. in the same settings window, click the arrow button to expand Google Classroom then you will find google classroom of this account listed in it
    3. Select google classorom classroom
    4. the student list of this google classroom will import to myViewBoard student list automatically, the URL of myViewBoard classroom will also share to google
    5. when the class is finshed, you will find there is one additional option "Export to Google classroom" been added in "Save as"

    Feel free to let us know if you have any futher questions, thank you,