• Hello, I used Viewboard last year in my kindergarten classroom and I was able to bring in 20 or more PDF or google slides into my session each time ( I could download a whole week so if a sub was coming in, it was all there ready for them). But after an update since the beginning of the year, I can only upload 15 pages. This is troublesome due to the fact that I cannot use this smart board to its best abilities if I have to narrow down what I am teaching to 15 slides. I have spent an extra 30 minutes deleting different slides and combining others to keep what I am teaching and stay within the 15 slides. Is there a way to correct this?

    I read that this was an issue last year in 2021 as well and that you were working on it to correct that. But I did not have this issue last year and my whole school uses ViewSonic boards. I am the only one who uses it without a laptop and I would like to continue doing that if possible. But I do so much to prep for school as is, I cannot keep spending extra time trying to figure out what I can cut out of my day to ensure that I have the small amount of pages.

    Do I need to clear the memory on the smart board to help with download issues?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mrs. Ayla Yang

  • Hi @aylay Thank you for the detailed information.
    We really appreciate it.
    Yes, you are correct. The issue is related to memory. If you clear out the memory, the issue still exist. You can try to import the file multiple times.

    We will improve it on the future version in November. Stay tuned!

    My Best,