Saving Log-ins for Bookmarked sites

  • Is there any way to get MyViewBoard to save your log-in information for sites you have bookmarked? It is very cumbersome to log into a site each time you use it. Logging in while the class is watching is something else I'm not comfortable with. I'm hoping someone at MVB has already thought of this and made a way for us to do this. Thanks!

  • Hi:

    Thank you for the feedback. myViewBoard Whiteboard browser does not store any sign in information because of security and privacy reasons. We expected there would be multiple users using myViewBoard Whiteboard on the same ViewBoard. Therefore, we did not consider to store any user's sign in information. We treated myViewBoard Whiteboard browser as quick and simple tool for teacher grabbing content from the Internet and putting it on a canvas.

    I highly suggest you using the default system browser to sign in web sites you need.