• We have a number of staff who are frustrated that younger kids have to use the selection tool to select an object, then move it, which pops up on the image tool screen. Kids are accidentally locking things, increasing size, etc.

    Is there a feature where you can just select an object and drag it, similar to Smartboard?

    Primary use is Whiteboard (Android)

  • @brent_rohrer-olsd-us Hi, Brent,

    We call the "image tool screen" adorner menu. It is by default unfolded after single or multiple objects are selected in order to provide fast access to associate features.

    It could be the chance that young kids unintentionally click adorner features when they just want to move the object. Therefore we will analyze how to improve the user experience here and collect as many advices as possible. For example, add a switch inside setting to make adorner menu folded or unfolded by default and keep object resize, move and rotate as-is.

    Much appreciated for the feedback and again we will keep on thinking how to improve this behavior.


  • @brent_rohrer-olsd-us Hi, Brent,

    In addition to the adorner behavior improvement, in the next generation Whiteboard it will support object press-and-drag without poping up adorner menu. It is going to replace current Whiteboard on Android in 2023 Q1.


  • @mike-yang-viewsonic-com

    Thanks Mike.

    Hopefully, this feature comes soon because we have a lot of primary students and teachers who are frustrated and are moving away from using the Whiteboard all together.