The Rules Of Writing Excellent Essays

  • Essay writing is all about analyzing a topic and developing insights & ideas as per the essay question. It is not just about reiterating information from some place or summarising information about a particular topic. A good essay should provide something new to the reader, an original perspective, and insightful information, Dissertation Help that provides value to them.

    There are different kinds of essays, each with its features & nuances. The general process of making any essay exciting & informative, however, remains more or less the same. To do that, one must approach essay writing with thoughtful & pre-emptive planning.

    This article will show you how to do just that by laying the most important ghost writer.

    Writing Exceptional Essays: The Essential Rules

    Task 1: Review The Essay Question Minutely

    Tough essay questions will present you with an eloquent & weighty statement and tell you to discuss it. The best foot forward in such cases is to examine the question minutely, think about it in depth, and brainstorm all possible answers. Then, it is up to you to choose the most appropriate approach or answer the essay question.

    Some essay questions can be comprehensive. However, you will have narrow down your focus on a specific aspect. If the essay question focuses on one particular topic detail, then your research needs to be much more focused.

    Take good notes, align all information according to the essay question, and work hard to distill information properly. Finally, and most importantly, think about how best to present the information or the best slant for the essay.

    Task 2: Answer The Following Questions

    Have you understood the question thoroughly?
    How many ideas about the topic on which you have to write?
    What are the best places or sources to gather information?
    How much and what kind of notes do you need to take?
    Are you ready to develop an outline?

    Task 3: Free-Write A Messy Draft

    Just write down whatever comes to your mind regarding the topic. Do not worry about cohesiveness, transition, overall theme, and the like.
    What questions arise in your mind? What inconsistencies do you notice? Address them in your essay.
    Think of the main message that you are trying to put through. That will be your slant, so tie all the information you have researched.   
    What do you want to assert? What claim can you make that reinforces the message you are trying to put forth? If you can't find anything, look at your primary message & think if it is robust enough.
    Look for examples and evidence to reinforce your claims and justifications.

    Task 3: An Intriguing Intro, An Informative Body, An Interesting Conclusion

    Add an introduction with sufficient background information, a hook, and a powerful thesis statement. Make sure your thesis is clear and sets the atmosphere for the reader. Finally, relate your essay to the essay question.

    Use assertions, examples, and evidence to develop convincing content for your law assignment help. Replace ‘should’ with ‘could’ in as many places as you want. 'Should' generally points to assertions without sufficient examples or evidence.

    Finally, create a conclusion that links straight to the essay question. It should restate your original ideas and also connect with the first paragraph. Try to synthesize the main ideas of your essay and condense them into the conclusion.

    Never Forget To Edit & Proofread

    Editing and proofreading are two of the most important parts of any writing process. It is common sense as final drafts need to be impeccable in every sense of all assignment help. Prune, polish, and perfect your solutions after finishing your essays to score top grades.

    Follow the above rules of essay writing to craft rich & informative write-ups and get on the path of becoming a better writer.

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