Logging in every bell of the day in myWhiteboard?

  • I'm sure there is something I am missing. I am a high school teacher, so I teach six bells per day. At the end of each bell, I save the notes as a pdf and post them for students to review later. I have been doing this for years with the old electronic board we used.

    The way myWhiteboard is set up right now, when I open the file with prepared notes for a class, it just adds those slides to the end of the ones that are already open for the previous class. So, if I want to be able to save the notes bell by bell, I have to manually delete all the used slides at the end of each class or close the app.

    The lesser of two evils in that context is to close the app between bells, but then, when I want to open the next file, I have to log back in every time. That is so inefficient. Even though I log in with Google, the process is just cumbersome.

    I click on the Google icon. It then takes me to an Internet browser window where I click on the Google account I want to use. Usually I just have to wait a minute or so for it to process, but occasionally it requires entering my password ...on the board in front of a room full of students. Either way, when it finishes, I have to click the home button on the device to get back to the place where I can launch myWhiteboard again.

    Then, once I'm back in, I can open the file with my prepared notes. Of course, that pastes those slides after the one blank slide that is already there - a minor nuisance.

    With our old system - as glitchy and unreliable as it had become - at least I could open a file for each class in the morning. Then all I had to do between bells is click on the next tab. If a lesson was really active at the end of a bell, I might not get around to exporting it to pdf until my plan bell or the end of the day. Now, I have to do that export before I can even open the next bell's notes.

    Also, if I have instructions on the board for a class while they are testing or something, I can't open the app on my laptop to review or edit or create other notes because it makes me log in, which automatically logs me out on the board.

    I am assuming that I am missing something. There has to be a way to have more than one file open at a time. I am also REALLY hoping there is a setting that will just keep me logged in so I don't have to keep logging in over and over. I did a search for instructions, but I didn't find anything.

    Someone, please help!


  • Hi Margie:

    I am sorry for all the inconvenience to you. However, we are working on keeping sign-in status mechanism in myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows. The mechanism will be released into Windows version first in December. You will not need to sign into the application again in the future.

    Frank Chu