How do I make content on manager start after android finish booting?

  • I have 10 VBS100s which I would need to install in different location around my country. The intention is to use the device as a media player with less human intervention as possible. This means, after installation, video content starts playing on loop from 8am to 8pm, manager turns off and then turn on at 8am the day after.
    I have 2 problems now:
    1- I can not make the VBS100 turn from Manager Advanced website. I have tried both with jobs and "Box Control".
    2- After android boots, there is no way I can make the content start playing on loop. I need to connect to the web platform and send the content back again. This is something we can not admit for our use case.

    Hope someone could help me.


  • Hello,
    VBS100 support using RS232 to control the connected Display, if you want to use VBS100s to turn on / off the connected displays, please

    1. Make sure your display is in the RS232 supported devices list, you can check more details in
    2. Using RS232 cable to connect VBS100 with your display
    3. Go to ViewBoard Box to select Brand and models (see attached image)
    4. Go to Jobs, create tasks Type: ViewBoard Box Control : power on /off 8am and 8pm ( see attached images)

    About "make the content start playing on loop", you can also use Jobs to acheive this,

    1. Choose type = broadcast multimedia or broadcast playlist
    2. scheduling = recurring

    Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you