Delete multiple users from Entity Management

  • I accidentally imported a large number of users into Entity Management than intended. All of the users have the DELETE button available, but there doesn't appear to be a way to select multiple users and delete them. This would mean spending a few hours deleting and locking each person individually. Is there a way to delete many users quickly?

  • Hi @brandon-lang,

    Sorry that it doesn't provide a way to delete multiple users currently and we'll improve it soon.

    If you use Google Workspace or Azure AD to sync users, you can sync again with the target group and do not select 'Keep previous users'. It will sync the users you want and remove other users except Owner and Admins.

    If you use other ways to import users, please let us know if you want to remove all existing users except Owner. We'll remove them from our side. If you only want to remove part of the users, please go to myViewBoard support website and submit the user account list you want to remove.

    myViewBoard support:

    Hope these can help