• I was excited to have learnt that myviewboard had invaded IOS. Sadly, It did not support wireless presentation back then. So i just leave it there.

    Recently when i revisited myviewboard app on my ipad, i found from the "what's new" section that version 2.11.11 has added "wireless presentation" and i can access from the main toolbar and title bar. I tried, i can't find anything resemble the wireless presentation icon, that red/yellow/green tv with wifi icon. I cant find it.

    When i search for solutions, i found out that the wireless presentation page from myviewboard do not include IOS. Furthermore, that IOS release history as shown in the myviewboard page do not include wireless presenation in v2.11.

    Come on, don't tease me like this, i have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

  • Hi,

    Subject to the WebRTC supportiveness on iOS, we are not able to provide the wireless presentation feature for iOS customers.

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the miscommunication. The release note should have been prepared in more detail based on version supportiveness. Thank you so much for this remind and we will improve the quality of product release information.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of myViewBoard Whiteboard.


  • @mike-yang-viewsonic-com

    Thank you for your reply. I am still holding my breath for wireless presentation on IOS app. I cant hold my breath too long. So please make my dream come true.

  • I appreciate your response. The release of the wireless presentation on the IOS app has me holding my breath. I have to take a breather here. Please help me realize my ambition. basketball stars

  • I'm anxiously awaiting the IOS app's release of the wireless presentation run 3. This is when I need to stop and get my breath. Let's work together to make my dream a reality.

  • Thanks your post!