Edit mode of Google Docs and Slides

  • Is it possible to see and interact with google docs/slides/sheets in edit mode within the browser or chromium rather than just see the "presentation" view or a static view of those documents?

    I teach computer science to elementary students and part of the lessons I teach involve teaching students how to use docs/slides/sheets not just present the files.

    Thank you

  • Hi:

    May I know which myViewBoard product you are referring to?

    Thank you.

  • @frank-chu-viewsonic-com

    I was using a ViewBoard with chrombox; chromium and browser apps.

    Model - View Sonic - VS17117 Serial # - WAD214713308

  • Hi:

    Were you saying that you were not able to edit Google Docs/Slides/Sheets in Chromium on ViewBoard Chrome Box?

    Was there any error message popping up?

    Thank you.

  • @frank-chu-viewsonic-com

    Yes that's exactly what I was describing. Whenever I clicked on a google doc/sheet/slide file from my google drive it only comes up in "presentation" mode. It doesn't allow me to open the file to demonstrate to students how to do anything in edit/build mode of the file. Specifically I teach kids how to build a google slides file - how to add text boxes, add images, etc.

    No it didn't bring up any error message. The software immediately opened the file in a view/presentation mode - no option for editing. I tried to show the edit mode in "browser" and in "chromium" and the same results occurred.

    I will gladly create a video recording of the instance and attach if needed.

    I really need to know if the board is supposed to show google drive files in edit mode as my school is about to purchase (or maybe already did) a large number of these boards and currently it doesn't work for my instruction.

    I know from your YouTube channel that a board can be a windows based OS but this board is chrome based because of the attached chrome box. My students all use chromebooks in my lab so I thought this board would be similar to those laptops.

    I'm a computer science teacher for grade PK-5 and I need to be able to teach kids how to use applications not just look at them.